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Professional DT-9935 LCR Meter Kelvin 4-wire Ohm Inductance Capacitance Q, D and q Theta Tester

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  1 Year


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  Manual, Test probes

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  China $299.95 

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  California, USA

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  8.625% for all California residents
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This is a brand new DT-9935 professional LCR tester from Ruby Electronics. This top-of-the-line LCR tester is designed to test inductance, capacitance and resistance with great accuracy.

DT-9935 LCR Meter features an innovative automatic selection technology. It automatically measures L, C and R with Q, D and q by just turning on the meter. The test frequency is selectable up to 100KHz. DT-9935 also provides high accuracy read out with four or five terminal Kelvin measurements.

Resellers welcome. Please contact us at sales@3cvillage.com for quantity discount.

  • Sampling rate: 5 times/sec

  • Overload Indication: "OL" or "-OL"

  • Auto Power Off: 10 minutes

  • Low battery power indication

  • Dust and water proof

  • Five selectable test frequency: 100 / 120 / 1K / 10K / 100K Hz

  • Operating Temp: 0~50C, <=80%R.H.

  • Storage Temp: -20~60C

  • Temp. coefficient: 0.15 (Spec. Acc)/C, <18C or >28C

  • Safety Comply with IEC61000 EMC standard

  • Power Requirement: AA size 1.5V X 4 batteries (NEDA 15A or IEC LR6)

  • Battery Life: 30 hours (Alkaline battery)



Ranges 20uH-2000H

Resolution 0.001uH

Basic Accuracy (0.2+5d)


Ranges 20pF-20mF

Resolution 0.001pF

Basic Accuracy (0.2+3d)


Ranges 20Ω-2000MΩ

Resolution 0.001Ω

Basic Accuracy (0.2+2d)

DC Resistance

Ranges 20Ω-2000MΩ

Resolution 0.001Ω

Basic Accuracy (0.2+2d)

Q (quality)

Ranges 0.000-999

Resolution 0.001

D (dissipation)

Ranges 0.000-999

Resolution 0.001


Ranges 90 degree

Resolution 1 degree

  • Size(HxWxD): 220mm x 96mm x 60mm

  • Weight: 360g

  • Accessories: Test leads and 6 x 1.5V AA batteries, gift box with carrying case.


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Retail: $299.95   SALE: $179.95 

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