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Professional 30FT 8mm HDMI to HDMI HDTV Digital Cable 30' 10M GOLD

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  1 Year


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  China $149.95 

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  California, USA

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  8.25% for all California residents
  Product Description

This is a brand new 30 feet Professional grade HDMI to HDMI digital cable.  The connectors on both end of this cable are GOLD plated, which minimize the transmission loss and also prolong the life of this cable.  A special nylon net is designed to further improve the durability of this cable.  A detail product specification is available for your review: HDMI cable specification

 Similar products are being sold at some retail stores for over $150.

  • Sends perfect digital audio and video directly into your HDTV set.

  • Enables digital to digital transfer of HDTV High Resolution signals between your digital appliances.

  • Supports multiple audio formats, from stereo to multi-channel sound.

  • Recommended for standard video, 720P or 1080I format.


  • Condition: Brand new.

  • Cable thickness: 8.3 mm.

  • Contacts: Gold plated brass.

  • Shell: Durable PVC with Nylon net.

  • Temperature and Voltage rating: 80oC ; 30V

  • Length: 30' (30 feet) about 10 meters.

Retail: $149.95   SALE: $79.95 

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