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Portable Chinese Christian Bible Audio Player in Mandarin NEW

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  1 Year


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  Manual, AC adapter, earphone

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  Taiwan $149.95 

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  California, USA

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  8.25% for all California residents
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This is a brand new portable Christian audio bible player in Mandarin.  It is a hi-tech innovation with high quality audio integrated in a palm size player.  This device helps Christians to stay close to God's words everywhere they go.  This item also comes with a docking station which allows the device to play through the external speakers (as shown in the photos) and to be powered through an AC adapter.  The docking station with speakers is also portable which is powered by 4x AAA batteries.

In addition to the full Bible (old and new testaments), this device includes the following materials in audio (Mandarin) format.

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  • Listen to bible with family anytime anywhere 

  • Listen through the complete Bible in 80 hours

  • Ideal for pre-school children to learn bible starting from their young age

  • Assist elder adult and vision impaired persons to hear God's words without the need to read bible

  • Great tool for non-mandarin speaking persons to learn Chinese bible

  • Best gift to family and church members for special occasions

Click here to see product presentation in Chinese.     


  • AC adapter power consumption : 5V DC , 600mA (max.)

  • AC adapter input:  USA prong, 100V - 240V AC 50/60Hz

  • Player battery requirement: 3x AAA

  • Docking station battery requirement: 4x AAA 

  • Control functions: On/Off, volume, play/pause, next chapter, previous chapter, content select, repeat, sleep and lock

  • Earphone plug: Stereo, 3.5mm, PC standard

Audio samples:

1. 舊約聖經 試聽:(詩篇第23篇)
2. 新約聖經 試聽:(約翰福音第01章)
3. 荒漠甘泉 試聽:(1月01日)
4. 滿福寶 試聽:(第一寶)
5. 精選詩歌 試聽:(信友堂-谷中百合花)



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Retail: $149.95   SALE: $99.00 

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