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Enterprise class MLC-enabled solid state drive 100GB 6Gb/s SATA SSD ST100FM0012

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  Thailand $599.95 

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  California, USA

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  8.75% for all California residents
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This is a brand new 100GB SATA ST100FM0012 SSD (Solid State Drive) from Seagate Technology.  This drive is designed to be used in enterprise-class data center.  The drive comes with many special features which guarantee fast data access and durability.

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Enterprise-Class Endurance and Data Integrity:  Performance is important, but endurance and data integrity are critical. The Pulsar.2 SSD can routinely complete ten full drive writes per day, for a total bytes written score (TBW) of 15 petabytes. The Pulsar.2 drive has been designed for the enterprise environment with the intelligence to automatically detect and correct a multitude of data errors that can occur during normal drive operation to deliver the highest levels of enterprise-class data integrity. Additional endurance features include: 
  • Advanced media-management technology and Protection Information (PI is SAS only) to help protect against unexpected data change or loss 
  • Background media scanning to help protect against read disturb data errors 
  • Power-loss data protection to help ensure data is not lost or inadvertently changed during unexpected power loss 
  • Wear-leveling algorithms to ensure that every block on the NAND is written to an equal number of times and as evenly as possible to maximize the life of the device 
  • Garbage collection techniques to identify the next best block on the NAND flash to erase and rewrite before the space is actually needed

Package Contents: One brand new solid state drive


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Retail: $599.95   SALE: $379.95 

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