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eCOV-110 Serial to Ethernet Converter Server for RS-232 to TCP/IP 10/100

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  1 Year


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  User's Manual and 120V AC adapter

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  Taiwan $195.00 

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  California, USA

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  8.375% for all California residents
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Serial to ethernet converter / Adapter of Tysso is capable of linking serial (RS-232) devices to your computer network via Ethernet (LAN or WAN) for access control or remote control and monitoring purposes. eCOV-110 Serial-Ethernet Converters or Device Server are ideal for automatic low-level remote data collecting or Point-Of-Product applications without additional PC. No software development knowledge is required in order to setup the serial-ethernet communication if the VirtualCOM (Virtual Serial Port Driver) is shipped with your serial device.

Ethernet is one of the most popular way of communication on the Internet, through it, we can connect up with PC’s, LAN and WAN. However nowadays, most devices run on the network are Personal Computers, which cannot fulfill the needs for low-level automatic control and remote data collection applications.

TYSSO e-COV-110 serial-ethernet converter / adapter has overcome the problems mentioned above. It transforms serial (RS-232 to TCP/IP, UDP... or other way round) or automatic control’s I/O data into Ethernet data stream, which could easily transfer the information to the remote destination via the Internet. For some applications, the e-COV-110 can also act as a standard PC to configure and transfer data by HTTP, TCP/IP or UDP protocols.

Implementing automatic control and remote data control into high bandwidth is one of the latest technologies. Tysso e-COV series easily bridges the RS-232 devices on the computer network with the following functions:

1. Converts serial data to TCP/IP data.
2. Converts the equipments’ serial (RS232) data into the TCP/IP packet and send out by the Ethernet Data Stream (e-COV hardware must be setup with the IP Add. and Com Port)
3. Converts TCP/IP package data into the serial data (Remote WinSock must be setup to use the e-COV hardware).

In summary, the Tysso eCOV-110 Serial to Ethernet Converter / Adapter is ideal for the remote control applications, access control applications, and the factory automation applications.

Resellers welcome. Please contact us at sales@3cvillage.com for quantity discount.


- RS-232 to Ethernet Connectivity
- Your control can be extended to wherever the network reaches
- The best and lowest cost IP based solution
- Offering the best network solution for your Product/Equipment/System
- Making the Automation-Control and the Data-Collection no boundary at all
- OEM / ODM are welcome



-  CPU: Winbond W78E65P

-  Memory: 32KB RAM, 64KB Flash

-  Ethernet Port: x 1

* Interface: 10/100 Mbps Auto sensing

* Signal: ETX+, ETX-, ERX+, ERX-

* Protection: Built-in 1.5KV Magnetic Isolation

-  Serial Port: x 1

* Signal


* Baud Rate: 300 ~ 38400 bps

* Parity: None, Even, Odd

* Data Bits: 7, 8

* Stop Bit: 1, 2

* Flow Control: RTS/CTS, XON/XOFF


-  Operation Mode: TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP

-  Protocols: ICMP, TCP, IP, UDP, DHCP, HTTP

-  Management: Web Console, Windows Utility, Command Mode

-  Software upgrade method: Serial port, Windows Utility


-  Temperature/Humidity

* Operating: 0~55 C(32~131 F), 5~95% RH

* Storage: -20~85 C(-4~185 F), 5~95% RH

-  Power Requirements:  5V~9V DC@ 300mA


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Retail: $195.00   SALE: $79.95 

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