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Bluetooth Wireless GPS Receiver for PDA, Cell phone, Pocket PC and Notebook PC

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  1 Year


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  Driver CD, Installation guide, AC adapter, 12V car adapter, 3x AAA NiHM batteries

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  Taiwan $199.95 

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  California, USA

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  8.25% for all California residents
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GPS Receiver with Bluetooth combines proven wireless technologies that allows you to receive positioning data and connect to mobile computing devices wirelessly. PBT-111 provides high position accuracy and has reliable tracking capabilities. The ultra low power design gives you up to 6 hours of continuous usage and eliminates constant recharging between uses. A 12V car power adapter is also included to help keep your GPS charged when traveling in car.

It is easy to connect the GPS receiver to your mobile devices, such as Notebook PC, pocket PCs, PDAs and mobile phones using Bluetooth wireless connectivity (requires Microsoft OS and NMEA compliant GPS map software). A few simple steps will have you connected and navigating in minutes.

This small device will enable your application software (NOT included) to accurately pinpoint your exact location, calculate your speed and the direction you are heading. This device is able to work with software that supports NMEA format. Following are some examples: Microsoft Streets and Trips, Microsoft Autoroute 2003, Delorme GIS, MM Memory Map, OZI Explorer, Microsoft MapPoint, and Fugawi software. Some less expensive software can also be found here. Please make sure the software you download is NMEA compatible.

This is a great device for traveler who does not want to spend $2,000 on a non-portable GPS system installed in a vehicle. It is a convenient tool for hiking, sailing and driving in a big city or country side. You need to have a GPS software (NOT included) running on your mobile device to use this GPS receiver.

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* Built-in SONY's newest 3rd generation solution GPS SOC chip CXD2951.
12 parallel satellite - tracking channels for fast acquisition and reacquisition.
Compatible with Bluetooth devices with SPP (Serial Port Profile).
Bluetooth version 1.1 compliant.
Bluetooth class II operation (up to 10 meters range).
* Low power consumption and ultra mini size, only 61x 41mm.
* Four LEDs showing Bluetooth, GPS ,battery and power charge status.
* Built-in rechargeable battery for memory, RTC backup, and Fast Time To First Fix (TTFF).
* Support NMEA0183 v2.2 data protocol.
* Enhanced algorithms provide superior navigation performance in urban, canyon and foliage environments.
* For Car Navigation , Marine Navigation, Fleet Management , AVL and Location Based Services (LBS) , Auto Pilot ,Personal Navigation or Touring devices, Tracking devices / systems and Mapping devices application.

Accuracy: Position: 5m w/o S/A
Velocity: 0.1 m/sec w/o S/A
Time: +/- 1 sec
Acquisition: Cold start: 50 sec(Average)
Warm start: 35 sec (Average)
Hot start: 2 sec (Min.)
Sensitivity: Acquisition: -139 dBm
Tracking: -152 dBm
Dynamics: Altitude: max. 18,000m
Velocity: max. 500m/sec
Acceleration. max.+/- 4g
Navigation update rate: Once per second
BlueTooth: BlueTooth interface 4.8K
Coordinate Datum: WGS 84
Power consumption: Typical (tracking): 380 mW
Battery Lifetime: Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery (included): 6 Hrs
3 AAA Alkaline Battery (NOT included): 12 Hrs
LED Indicator: GPS : Red
BlueTooth : Blue
Charge : Green
Low Power : Yellow
Operating Temp.: -20~ +70C
Storage Temp.: -40~ +85C
Humidity: 5%~95%
Dimension: 61x41x28mm


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Retail: $199.95   SALE: $99.95 

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